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At Tri-Valley Solar, we care deeply about people and our environment. Our core values of God, Family, and Good Business Stewardship are the fuel that drives us to create a stronger more sustainable future. Through cutting energy costs and leveraging government incentive programs, we strive to facilitate a thriving quality of life through solar energy for as many American families and businesses as possible.

Tri-Valley Solar Company serves the entire Tri-Valley area in California! Our goal is to empower you to make an educated buying decision!

We never make compromises with the quality of our solar panel installation services or other options. We take the trust of our clients to heart and we handle their projects as if they are our own. Our mission is simple – to help our customers gain energy independence by providing them with the tools they need to harness electricity from a clean source, the sun.

Our installers are licensed & certified. Contact us today and hire us as your solar energy contractor without a moment’s delay. We look forward to helping you!

Benefits of Solar

Increase Your

Energy Independence.

Solar can put you in control of how much of your own electricity to produce, and lock-in that rate for decades.

Power that’s Abundant,

Clean and Everlasting

You can own your energy using the free fuel provided by the sun – no emissions, just natural clean energy.

Lower Electric

Bills Today

A solar array starts saving you money the moment it’s commissioned, reducing home energy bills and operating expenses for a business.

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